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What is hearing loss?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Hearing loss is an inability to hear sounds. Hearing loss is very common, and hearing and understanding is what you rely on to interpret the world around you. Through hearing clearly you can communicate and interact with your friends and family or with your favourite hobbies and interests.

When you’re hearing starts to deteriorate which can happen gradually or suddenly, it can impact you’re life and the way you interact with others.

Sounds around you can become muffled and unclear putting pressure on your brain to find ways to accommodate changes in your hearing to enable you to continue interpreting the world around you e.g. lip reading, body language.

As per WHO, 63 Million people in India are suffering from hearing loss. The large percentage among 63 million people are Children (0-12 Years old) and Adults (12-35 years old). Every individual after the age of 55-60 years suffers from Hearing Loss (Ageing factor) which at times is unnoticed.


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