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Welcome to AmpBeat

India's first-ever e-commerce platform for hearing and speech solutions! Our mission is to provide easy accessibility to high-quality hearing aids, speech therapy, and diagnostic testing that are affordable for every citizen in India.

At AmpBeat, we believe that hearing and communication are fundamental to a fulfilling life, and we are committed to helping you maintain those abilities for years to come. Our team of experienced audiologists and speech therapists work tirelessly to bring you the best in hearing and speech solutions, whether it's our Make in India hearing aids or our comprehensive speech therapy services.

We understand that hearing loss and speech challenges can be isolating and challenging experiences, which is why we offer a range of personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From diagnostic testing and hearing aid fitting to tinnitus management and speech therapy, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our online store provides a hassle-free purchasing experience with just three easy steps, and without any commissions involved, we are able to offer our products and services at prices that are affordable for everyone. We believe that with our 3A's - Availability, Accessibility, and Affordability - we can help improve the quality of life for people with hearing and speech challenges across India.

Thank you for choosing AmpBeat for your hearing and speech solutions. We look forward to serving you and helping you on your journey to better hearing and communication!

AmpBeat - Hearing and Speech Clinics: Your dedicated partner in providing top-notch hearing and speech services, offering expert assessments, diagnoses, and personalized treatment plans to empower individuals in overcoming communication barriers
Our Story

Our Story

AmpBeat was born from a deep passion to help those in need, driven by the experience of one of its co-founders. Growing up, this co-founder saw close friends and classmates struggling with hearing loss, and the toll it took on their daily lives and mental health. Despite his desire to help, he was faced with the harsh reality of financial barriers that prevented him from purchasing hearing aids for those in need.

But this experience only fueled his determination to find a solution. After years of research and hard work, he and his team finally developed AmpBeat - a hearing aid that is not only affordable, but also offers top-notch technology and quality.

The launch of AmpBeat was a fulfillment of a dream to make a real difference in people's lives. The story behind it is one of unwavering perseverance, compassion, and the belief that everyone deserves access to the tools they need to live a full and happy life, regardless of their financial situation.

Today, AmpBeat is more than just a Hearing and Speech Solution Company. It's a symbol of hope for those who have struggled with hearing loss and a testament to the power of determined individuals to create positive change in the world.

Meet the team

Meet The Team

Our Founders

We have our dynamic couple duo as the Founders of AmpBeat who are from diverse backgrounds tirelessly building AmpBeat to address the unheard hearing issues for India

Meet The Advisors

Board of Mentors

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